Sayat Nassyr (ChillCrow)  –  Code/Design

A hardcore programmer doing hardcore design.


Saya Nassyr (ChillCrow) –  Art/Animation

“I am an artist studying architecture and art has been a passion of mine since I was a child. My brother got me into the game industry and pixel art. We really love this project and we are looking forward to creating a thrilling game with unique and unfolding experiences.”


Alexander Jay Aslani –  Music

Alexander is an award winning composer and songwriter, born and raised in Miami, Florida. He has written music for multiple video games and media types. His music has been featured on ESPN, TCL, Sky Living and many more. When he is not songwriting for artists or composing video games you can see him performing live on stage as a touring drummer.


Nicholas Blay –  Sound

“Designing worlds through either sound or music is what fuels my passion, I’m a creator at heart. The love of story telling is what draws me to video games, I have been playing video games ever since I could hold a controller.
My first game was Zelda on the super NES, and it’s that captivating sense of adventure that I fell in love with, and it’s something I try to express in my work.”